What is a swap in forex? can I make money by Forex Swap?

The forex market is popular for currency trading. In this article, we will see what is a swap in forex? and can we make money by collecting Forex Swap? So, to understand stick to this article until the end.

As you learn more about Forex, the term “swap” will come up at any point. You already know, Forex trading is primarily the trading of currencies in order to make a profit, but that is just the basics of the industry. Let’s see, what is a swap in forex?

What is a Swap in forex?

Let's see, what is a swap in forex and can I make money by collecting the forex swap - mini-invest

A Forex swap is not basically a physical swap. But, a swap in forex is an interest fee that either paid or charged at the end of each trading day. So, you will have to pay or earn interest at the end of each forex trading day.

When opening a margin Forex position at your broker, you are effectively borrowing capital and, as a result, interest on it is accumulated if the position is kept overnight. This is called a rollover.

The time of rollover can vary from broker to broker, however, usually, it’s around midnight GMT.

In forex trading, you essentially both sell one and by other currency at an equivalent time. Therefore, the difference between interest rates, for instance, for purchasing EUR, and shorting the USD is that the amount of swap rate you’ll earn.

An additional swap fee or dealer spread is typically charged for holding the position. Together with the previously mentioned difference between interest rates the ultimate amount you’ll expect to either earn or pay is named internet swap rate.

There 2 different kind of swap

The first swap is a “long swap“. This relates to keeping long positions open overnight. With the long swap, you’ll likely earn interest on your positions.

The second swap is a “short swap“. This one keeps short positions overnight. As you’ll earn interest on the long positions, you’ll need to pay interest once you have a short position.

Forex swap explanation in video

Explanation of forex swap, what is a swap in forex? A full detail of swap in forex – mini-invest

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Swap rates

As mentioned before, the speed of swap depends on the rate of interest differential between the currency that’s bought and therefore the currency that’s being sold.

Additionally, increased volatility within the market can cause movements within the swap rate because the broker adjusts for the increased risk.

The swap buys and sell rates are provided for your broker either on their website or trading platform. confirm to see them so as to know what the are specifics for every currency.

They will vary from broker to broker and may end in a net negative swap rate albeit the currency with an outsized rate of interest is sold against a currency with a coffee rate of interest.

How to make money by forex swap?

Now, we can make money from the swap in forex, and what is a swap in forex - mini-invest

Those who are looking to make some money with the swap in forex, are called carry traders.

To become one, the first thing to do is find a high yield and a low yield currency trading pair, of which there are quite a few if you know where to start looking. Some are more popular than others, so it is important that you consider the competition for each trading pair.

The currency that you select should have a high-interest rate when compared with the currency it is paired with. In fact, you should intentionally look for a currency with a lower interest rate to pair it with.

Then you need to wait for the currency pair to be trending down sooner than up. Money can be made off of the interest difference but only if it is a positive difference.

It can be complicated at first but once you get an understanding of how it works, you will be well on your way to making money.

You need to keep in mind that the currencies are not going to a standstill. They are always moving which means looks like a great investment right now, ends up being a loss later on, especially as you have to leave the currency at least overnight.

Can we avoid paying swap rates?

The answer is yes, we can avoid paying swap rates for it we have 2 ways.

Losing and making a profit is a different thing in forex trading. But, If it happens every closing of the day then you are consistently having to pay in the difference. However, We avoid this mistake. Let’s see, how we can avoid paying swap in forex.

Close your trade before the end of the day. All trade closes at the same time and once it is closed, you won’t earn interest but you also won’t have to pay any money.

Only trade in a positive interest. This can be easier said than done, particularly if you are new to the process and not quite sure about how to only place profitable trades.

Currency Swap Strategy

The most well-known Forex swap strategy is to “Carry Trade“.

So, what is a carry trade? A carry trade involves making a trade where you obtain a currency with a low-interest rate and invest in a currency with a higher interest rate. A popular example is to borrow in Japanese Yen and invest in Australian or New Zealand Dollars.

The carry trade is a long-term trading strategy and it is obviously necessary to choose currencies that have a significant difference in the exchange rate.

The inherent risk with this strategy is that an unexpected market movement could wipe out any profit made from collecting the daily swap.

Frequently asked questions

How do I stop forex swap?

By trading in the direction of positive interest, or by trading only intraday and closing petitions by 5pm and by opening up the swap free Islamic Account that offered by some brokers.

What is a negative swap in forex?

When you hold a short position for the currencies that have a higher interest rate compared to the bought currencies.

What is a swap fee?

An interest fee paid or charged to you at the end of every trading day.

How long can you hold a trade in forex?

For a few minutes to a few year

Why are currency swaps used?

To hedge the exposure to exchange rate risk. To reduce cost when you borrow foreign currency.


Swap is an important part of forex. It has two different kinds of swaps that are long swap and short swap. We can make money by swap in forex. However, We can also avoid paying swap rates.

I hope you have understood all about, what is a swap in forex, how we can avoid paying swap rates, and how we can make money by swap in forex. If you have any recommendations, feedback, or comment then leave them in the comment box below.

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