7 Facts and Reasons, Why we should take Health Insurance

Health is our first priority. The coronavirus has made us aware of Health Insurance. In this article, we will see Interesting Facts related to Health Insurance. Let’s see the reason, Why we should take Health insurance.

In the present world, Health Insurance is necessary for everyone. But some people do not understand and asking us “We should take health Insurance”.

“U can’t ‘get’ wealth if U R not in good health”

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The most important thing is that the Hospital express will be given by the insurance company. Let’s see, the reason for taking health insurance.

Let’s Know, Why we should take Health Insurance

Let's Know, Why we should take Health Insurance

Health Insurance is an important thing to know, Beware about it. Health is our 5th priority after Food, clothes, shelter, education, and then comes Health.

So, I think you have understood the important of Health. Let’s see, the reason for why we should take health Insurance.

To Safeguard our Family

Safety is most important against diseases. So, To save the Family from the diseases. It is very important to choose the best health insurance on time. You can secure your entire family in one policy either then purchasing of Individuals.

Today’s lifestyle has become worst, No proper guides of food. Due to it, Many people are facing problems related to health. So, My recommendation is to take proper Health Insurance.

Ensuring that you get the best medical treatment, If anything happens to you or your family, is something you would not have to stress about it and have a suitable health cover.


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To protect your Saving

As we all aware, Once we go to Hospital the expenses start. If anyone from the family is affected by any diseases, The Financial condition of the home becomes very poor.

Savings will go in the diseases only. So, To save from it, we should take Health insurance. It is very important that you should choose the best health insurance.

To Deal with Inflation

Inflation is a major problem for everyone. As we all aware, inflation is rising 6% – 7% per year. So, It means the medical charges will also increase, and definitely, it has increased.

Do you think, You can bet medical inflation and safe from the decrease. In today’s lifestyle, “no one can say, it is safe from decreases”. So, the best thing is that aware of health.

To Insure the protection against diseases

Be fast in the health insurance matter. Due to many reasons, our body has become very weak. Please keep your body safe from diseases.

While you are young and healthier, you can get the best plans of health insurance at lower rates and the advantage will continue even as you grow older. 

I hope you have understood “why we should take Health Insurance” and You will buy Health Insurance early for the protection. Because it is important.

Facts of Health Insurance

We should take Health Insurance to protect from diseases.

It’s time to discuss the Facts of Health Insurance and why we should take Health Insurance. In this article, we have tried to cover a few important features of health insurance for your benefit.


We think the treatment, only cover allopathic treatments in the Health insurance. According to the “Insurance Regulatory Development Authority of India” (IRDAI), 2013 rules, You can cover other treatments, for example, Ayurveda, Unani, Siddha, and Homeopathy.

You don’t want to get treatment with Allopathic. Then you can cover it with other treatments as we mansion in the above sentence. But, You should check while taking Health Insurance.

Free Health check-up

Health Insurance companies provide free health check-ups to a certain limit. This Health check is provided for free and is accessible to individuals who have had four to five back to back case free years.

Bonus ( If not claimed Policy anytime )

I think most people will not aware of it. Let’s see, What does a bonus means. It will give you an answer, “We should take Health Insurance or not”.

In such a case, You did not file any claim in the policy period or years. Then you will qualify for the bonus, The reward could be around the sum of insured ( up to 50% ) or a discount on premium during the annual renewal.

Last words from Mini invest

My advice to you is that you should definetly take a Health Insurance. It will protect you family from diseases and The Finances condition will be good.

I hope you have understood. I have shared my advice and thoughts in this article. If you have any recommendations or feedback then you can leave it in the comment box below.

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