Pros and cons of Investing in Ripple, good to invest in 2021

Ripple is an cryptocurrency. Let’s learn about the pros and cons of investing in Ripple (XRP). It will help to make decision of investing in XRP.

What is Ripple ( XRP )?

Ripple is a company and It owns and manages the XRP cryptocurrency. XRP is a digital currency that is issued and partly managed by Ripple Inc. a payment solutions company that also manages the Ripple Net cross-border payment network.

So, basically investing in Ripple means investing in XRP cryptocurrency. So, To know about XRP then you should pros and cons of investing in Ripple.

Ripple is a real-time gross settlement system, currency exchange, and remittance network and it was released in 2012. Ripple has been build upon distributed open-source protocol and supported token and it is representing it as a cryptocurrency, commodities, and many more. Let’s see, the pros and cons of investing in Ripple…

Pros and cons of investing in Ripple (XRP)

The pros and cons of investing in Ripple - mini invest

Benefits of investing in Ripple (XRP)

Many crypto technical analysts and stockholders think Ripple has a big and bright future, making it an attractive choice for new and established traders. So here’s a quick look at the pros of investing in Ripple

✅ Affordable

Ripple is currently trading at $0.26 per coin. In other words, it’s cheap compared to its previous high level in 2018! You can pick up a serious amount of XRP for less than a few hundred dollars. while even a smallish punt of $50 would get you more than 200 coins. 

Ripple hit an all-time high of over $3.10, but some crypto analysts believe it will push beyond the $1,000 limit within the next 10 years. Other forecasts are far more encouraging.

So given its low price and frequently mainstream appeal, catching up with some XRP is a relatively low-risk option with the potential for a big return on investment.

✅ solve problems and create opportunities

Ripple (XRP) solves problems for large business institutions. It also speeds up the flow of money, which is great for the economy. But XRP could work for small business owners, too. If it becomes universally adopted, the Ripple platform will give millions of sole traders and entrepreneurs access to the international economy.

✅ Market Cap

With a market cap of $25.9 billion, Ripple is the third-biggest cryptocurrency in the world. A large market cap is a powerful sign of investor trust and makes the asset more resistant to active market cycles or dips.

✅ Ripple isn’t just another cryptocurrency

Ripple is more than a cryptocurrency or technology; it’s a fully-fledged organization. XRP Labs Inc has over 500 full-time employers, including public relations and marketing professionals who promote the technology to banks, investors, new users, and the public.

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Cons of Investing in Ripple

cons of ripple

Like any investment, putting your money into Ripple isn’t totally risk-free. So here’s what you should know about the risks of investing in Ripple. Let’s see cons of investing in Ripple.

❌ There won’t be any more new Ripple

There will only ever be a 21million Bitcoins. And while the amount of Ethereum is limitless, the production will reduce over time. This short supply could push up demand in the future, leading to big price increases and bigger profits for early investors. Ripple is different. All the XRP coins are pre-mined and already distributed among investors.

❌ Ripple owns hold massive part of it

Ripple Chairman “Chris Larsen” owns around a third of all XRP. Ripple CEO “Brad Garlinghouse” also holds a significant amount, as do other senior board members. With so much XRP collected in just a few hands, there’s a chance the cost may be overinflated. 

❌ Not decentralized

For blockchain purists, XRP isn’t a ‘real’ cryptocurrency.  Many argue that it goes against the principles of decentralization and economic autonomy.

Unlike Bitcoin, which is mined and then traded anonymously between users, Ripple was specifically designed for the banking and finance industry. Its main purpose is to solve issues within the banking industry, rather than change the way ordinary people transfer or store value.

❌ Strong Rivalry

Ripple’s biggest rival is SWIFT, currently the largest global payment network and the selected choice of some 11,000 financial institutions. Ripple will need to convince the particularly Luddite banking sector that its payment orders offer a better, quicker, and safer solution than SWIFT.

Last word from mini invest

I hope you have understood the pros and cons of investing in Ripple. If you have any questions related to pros and cons of investing in ripple then you can ask them in the comment box below.

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