Price prediction:- Bitcoin will increase to $100000 in 2021

Bitcoin price is increasing faster from the new year. So, people are asking for the price prediction of bitcoin and asking that Bitcoin will increase to $100000 in 2021.

So, Investing in cryptocurrency involves high-risk high returns beware of it. So, today we will see the price prediction of bitcoin, and bitcoin will increase to $100000 in 2021 ( before 2022 ).

Price prediction of Bitcoin

Price prediction of bitcoin of 2021 - Bitcoin will increase to $100000 in 2021 ( Before 2022 )

Anthony Pompliano – $100,000 (by 2021)

Anthony Pompliano is a well-known Bitcoin personality. He’s a founder and partner at Morgan Creek Digital, a crypto-friendly asset management firm for institutional investors. He has previously claimed that he holds more than 50% of his net worth in Bitcoin, showing his belief in the cryptocurrency.

Pompliano has predicted that Bitcoin will hit $100,000 by the end of December 2021. At the time of the prediction (February 2020), Bitcoin had just reached the $10,000 mark, meaning the currency would need a 1,000% increase — within just two years — to reach its target. His prediction would put the market cap of Bitcoin at more than $2 trillion.

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Let’s see, the price prediction of bitcoin in 2021. According to us and Anthony Pompliano, Bitcoin will increase or touch the level of $100000 in 2021. So, If you are to invest in BTC then you can invest in it.

The Bitcoin will increase to $100000 but then can be some factors that can affect the price of bitcoin such as wars, political, news, and many more then the price prediction of bitcoin can not happen.

As we all know Investing and trading in BTC is legal. The youngest generation is looking for cryptocurrency as an investment and Many new and youngest people participating in it. The volume of trading in cryptocurrencies is increasing day by day.

Bitcoin will increase to $100000 in 2021 ( before 2022)

Bitcoin price prediction - Bitcoin will increase to $100000 in 2021 - mini-invest

Bitcoin price and value are increasing day by day ( From the starting of the new year). Due to the increase in price many new investors are attracted to bitcoin and cryptocurrency. Beware of the risk involved in it while investing in it.

According to me, Bitcoin will touch $100000 before 2022 by seeing a strong uptrend after breaking the resistance of $25000. The trend is strong and it will not stop at this level ( around $37000).

So, the answer is yes, Bitcoin will increase to $100000 in 2021 ( before 2022). before touching the level of $100000, it should break out the level of $50000. It will an important level to break out after the breakout of it I will confirm that the next level will be $100000.

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Technical analysis of Bitcoin

Many people are saying that the price of Bitcoin will increase to $100000. But, some people are confused that Bitcoin has been touched $33000 and then also Bitcoin will increase now. So, We decided that we will do a price prediction of bitcoin with the help of technical analysis.

Let’s see, technical analysis and do price prediction of bitcoin, will it touch the level of $100000 in 2021 or not.

The price prediction of bitcoin by chetan choudhary on mini invest

By seeing the above chart we can say that the trend is strong and it has the potential to touch the level of $100000 in 2021. But, one important level is there for $50000.

If it breaks the level of $50000 successfully then definitely it will touch the level of $100000 faster and it can be before June 2021. So, If you looking to invest in BTC then you can invest now and be aware at the level of $50000.

If it tries to change the trend then exit from the and again invest in BTC after the successful breakout and then your target will directly of $100000.

( We have done an correct price prediction of bitcoin and according to that Bitcoin will increase to $25000 before 2021 you can visit it by search on mini invest)

Factors that affect the price of Bitcoin

Let’s see, factors that influence the value of bitcoin. These factors affects bitcoin to rise or fall.

supply and demand

The law of supply and demand is applicable to bitcoin. This is most important factor that affects the price of bitcoin.

The supply is more and demand is less, in this condition the value of bitcoin is fall and on the other hand, If the demand is more and supply is less, in this condition the value of bitcoin rise.

Cost of mining

Almost 95% of people not know that cost of mining also affects the price of bitcoin.

The miners cannot afford mining costs and in 2021 the mining cost cannot afford by the miners, Because investment in mining is more than an affordable cost and earning from it is not acceptable by the miners.

Cost of mining also known as the “cost of production of bitcoin“. sometimes, the price or value of bitcoin rises due to mining. But no one can predict when the value of cryptocurrency will rise due to the mining cost.

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Political risk is most effective thing to any thing. The political risk as potential to crush the total value of any item. So, Bitcoin also affects from the political decision.

So, Be careful while any political decision is going on, and If you think that decision can be negative for bitcoin then exit your investment in the low loss. If you took a risk at that time then you can lose your bitcoin.

Regulations related to Bitcoin

Regulations are one such factor that affect the price of bitcoin. In online trading, a wide experience of accelerations is seen. It has made a necessary thing to pay attention to the bitcoin industry.

Almost all countries keeping an eye on the activities involving money laundering and other things that might hold reference with the bitcoin.

In many countries, Bitcoin is not holding any restrictions to hold or invest. As result, some of the users consider it as legal and doing investment in it.

Read more about the factors that affect the price or value of bitcoin.


I hope you have liked the price prediction of bitcoin and understand that why bitcoin will increase to $100000 in 2021 and If you have not understood that you can write your question below in the comment box related to “Bitcoin will increase to $100000 or Price prediction of Bitcoin”

Let’s me in the comment box, what do you thing bitcoin will increase to this certain level or no. waiting for you comment.

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