Let’s Know, The Gold rate will decrease in the coming days

Do you looking to invest in the Gold and expecting that the Gold rate will decrease in the coming days. The yellow metal rates have touched 58000 rupees ( 10 gram) and came down to 52500 rupees( 10 gram ). let’s know,” Will gold rate decrease in coming days”

Gold is an important metal in India. The Indian people see Gold as an investment. I think this is the best thought for Investment in the yellow metal. Gold prices have plunged from around 58,000 rupees ( 10 gram ) to 52500 ( 10 gram ) in the last 2 months.

In this article, We will see the Gold rate will decrease in the coming days from 52500 or not. The important thing people are saying, “ gold rate will decrease in the coming days before Diwali“. Let’s know what can happen in future days.

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Let’s know, The truth of the Gold Investment is it a profitable investment.

Let’s know, What Shantibhai Patel has said?

Shantibhai Patel, President of the Gems and Jewellery Trade Council Of India ( GJTCI ). He has told the Ahmedabad mirror that the rate of the Gold can decrease ” 1500 rupees ( 10 gram ) to 2500 rupees ( 10 gram ) in the coming days.

The retail buyers and small investors should buy the Gold at this price. Because 50000 rupees is working as a support price for Yellow metal in the technical language. This is the right time to invest in yellow metal ( Gold ).

Let’s Know, what we think, “gold rate will decrease in the coming days”.

Let's know, will gold rate decrease in coming days before diwali

Gold is a very valuable thing in the world. It decided the currency rate, Flow of the stock market, and commodity market. Let’s know, “gold rate will decrease in the coming days.

According to us, This time is the best time to invest in the gold ( at 52000 rupees 10 gram ). Few days before the Gold has touched the low of this month is around 51500 rupees (10 gram). It has given a very strong signal that this is the right time to invest in it.

However, If you think that the price of yellow metal ( Gold ) will fall more. Then on our recommendation please buy the 50% of Gold that you want to buy. Because According to us the Gold price will not fall more than 50,000 ( 10 gram ).

Let’s Know, Doing Investment in Gold is a good or bad idea?

This is right time to invest in gold.

As we all know Gold is a value able thing. It is seen as the best investing option from the ancient period. While some people in today’s world think It is a bad Investment. Let’s clear the doubts and see what is the truth?

According to me, Gold Investment is a good idea. While I was thinking that it is bad for investing. But when I was analyzing the history of the Gold then I got that It is giving the best return than FDsMutual FundsIndex Fund, and much more low-risk investments.

The Investing money in Gold is risk free, It comes in low risk high returns. That’s the reason, In today’s world “every country has the Gold FDs ( Gold reserve )“. The importance of it we can get from the above statement.

Therefore, It can be a good idea of Investing in Gold. I hope you have got the answer realted to the question “Is investing in gold is good or bad idea”.

Let’s know, the benefits of Gold Investment.

What are the benefits or advantages of Fixed Deposit to save money

Let’s understand the benefits and advantages of the investing in the Gold. Let’s know,


Gold Investment can bet the Inflation. Inflation means the rates of the product is rising means Inflation is rising. But, You can bet by investing in Gold.

For Example:– If the salt price is 20/kg and the Gold price is $70 per gram. You invest in the Gold now and hold for 10 years. After 10 years the salt price is around 40/kg and on the other hand, the price of Gold has also raised from $70 to $150 per gram.

Suppose, You would able to buy 10 kg salt at that time which money in your hand. and You have invested that money in the Gold. After 10 years you will be able to buy 10 kg of salt. While the price of salt has raised but also you have able to buy 10 kg salt now also.

Moral of the example:- The thing you buy at one price, the price of that product will rise in the future. This is known as Inflation. So, to bet this If you invest in Gold then you can bet the Inflation.

Tax Benefits

You get tax benefits on Gold. You purchase gold you have to pay tax, not every year. You can claim long term tax benefits. In many countries the purchasing and sale of the gold is tax-free or some countries take tax but a very little amount.

Easily converted into cash

If you face any problem and you have invested money in the gold then you can easily convert it into the cash. The Gold investment helps in such situation.

I hope you have understood the truth of the Gold investment. I have shared my thoughts in this article about the Gold Investment.

Last words from Mini invest

Most of the experts thinking ” This is the right time to invest in Gold“. People who think ” The Gold rate will decrease in the coming days”. They should invest half of what they would invest.

I hope that you have understood and clear the doubts related to “gold rate will decrease in the coming days”. I have shared my thoughts and advice with you. If you have any recommendations and feedback then write it down in the comment box below.

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