Bitcoin will crash in 2021 as 2018?

Bitcoin is the king of Cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is trading around $35000 that’s why people are confused and asking Bitcoin will crash in 2021 as 2018. We will see that Bitcoin will crash or not.

Many people are asking me, What will happen with bitcoin, It will crash in 2021 or no? If you also have the same question in your mind then read this article you will understand the reality.

In this article, We will see that Bitcoin will crash in 2021 as 2017 bitcoin crash - mini-invest

What happened to bitcoin in 2018?

Bitcoin was increased in December 2017, the price was gone around $20000 and This attracted the crypto investors to invest in Bitcoin. However, many investors have invested in it.

In February 2018, Bitcoin started crashing due to the exiting of big Investors. People were shocked by seeing the price. However, People or normal Investors also started to withdraw their Investments. This resulted in Big crash of Bitcoin.

According to data, Bitcoin was crashed from $20000 to $3000 ( around 85% was less ) in just 1 year. However, This crash as throughout many investors from cryptocurrency. You should also see the Bitcoin Price prediction of 2021

In this article, We will see what was happened in 2018 to bitcoin, Bitcoin crash 2018 - mini-invest

Bitcoin will crash in 2021 as 2018

As you know, I have learned about technical analysis. According to me, Bitcoin will crash in 2021 or not it depends on their own chart. The chart is saying that If started going down then It will crash and If it will go up then It will be a strong bull trend. The chart is given below.

In this article, we will see that Bitcoin will crash or not in 2021 - mini-invest

In the coming time, it will show you that what will happen? , So, If started the down then you can exit your position. However, It totally depends on you that you want to exit or not position.

If started going up then A very strong bull trend will come ( according to my technical analysis ). However, If you want to Exit your position. But, You should not Exit your position if it goes up on my recommendation.


This is our thinking and analysis, If you are against our opinon they you can. Because, It will not be 100% true always. Invest or remove Investment depends on you.

I hope you have understand your analysis on Bitcoin will crash in 2021 or not like 2018. If you have any recommendation, Feedback or question then you can leave in the comment box below.

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