5 Best Investment options for the salaried person in 2021

Inflation is rising day by day, But salary is not increasing that much. So, To bet the inflation you should invest your money. Let’s see, best Investment options for the salaried person in 2021. 

Best Investment options for salaried person - Mini invest

" Cash is Bad investment in today's time "

Warren Buffett

Investment is known as the backbone. Before, We know the best investment options for salaried people. You should check out the risk management. It means that How much you can take a risk on your capital. 

Best Investment options for the Salaried person

  1. Invest in Gold
  2. Invest in Fixed deposit
  3. Invest in Recurring Deposit 
  4. Invest in Real Estate
  5. Invest in Equity shares
  6. Invest in Index Fund through SIP ( Systematic Investment plan )
  7. Invest in Mutual Fund through SIP ( Systematic Investment Plan )

Investing in Gold, Fixed Deposit, Recurring Deposit, and Real Estate is known as a Safe investment. While, Investing in Equity Shares, Index Fund, and Mutual Fund is known as risky investments. 

An increase in risk contains high returns. But, This depends on your risk management. 

Let’s check out this investment in detail

Invest in Gold

Let's know, will gold rate decrease in coming days before diwali

Investing in Gold is an good idea. We think Investors can create wealth by investing money in Gold. However, It as given a good returns on investment ( around 5x return in last 20 years ), This is the truth of Gold investment

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