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Why Mini-invest started

Mini-invest shares the Investment related knowledge. It has started to share articles related to finance and Investment such as Stock market, Fixed deposit, Mutual Fund, Index Fund, ETF, Gold, Silver, Cryptocurrency, and many more. If you want to learn or have to gain knowledge about the investment and Finance then you can search for it.

About Author

Myself Chetan Choudhary from Mumbai, India. I have completed HSC from Maharashtra Board and Now, I am a student of B.com from Mumbai University. I was thinking to become a cricketer. Due to much competition, My interest went to earning money.

I have completed my HSC and started searching How to earn money online. Many of things, I have tried but don’t like. Then I decided to learn about the stock market such as Technical analysis, fundamentals, and many more related to the stock market. Many of thinks I have also learned from Youtube.

However, I started trading in the stock market and earn very little profit from it around 10% in 3 months. In between, I decided to share my knowledge with the world and earn some extra money from it and now mini-invest is that website.


I am enjoying the money which I got from the investment and I have inspired by Warren Buffett’s statement He said, “Don’t invest what left after spending, Always spend what left after Investing”. However, Then I decided to start a website and share my experiences with the world. However, I started the website in July 2020.

Mini-invest started to help the people and spread Finance awareness. However, the second motive for me is to earn some money by sharing my knowledge. However, I have not earned anything now from this website till now. We share articles related to the stock market, Index fund, Mutual Fund, Cryptocurrency, Technical analysis, Gold, and many more related to Finance and Investment.